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Canada bans ‘harmful single use plastic’ by 2021 from Coast to Coast to Coast

Canadians throw away 3 million tonnes or approximately $8 billion worth of plastic materials every year. Finally the government decided to reduce a portion of it.

Canada joins the growing list of countries which have planned to ban single use plastic. Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau made an official announcement today for the ban to come into effect by 2021. The prime minister began his address sharing his personal agony of giving explanation about whales deaths caused due to plastic, to his kids. In his address he gave out some pertinent points on the growing impact of plastic pollution. Whether it is in our sea food or searching for a place to sit on a beach, plastic has encroached in various aspects of our life.

He emphasized on working with government agencies and the private sector to reduce plastic waste. Companies which manufacture plastic products or sell items in plastic will be made responsible for collection and recycle of their plastic waste. 

As per estimates only 9% plastic is re-cycled in Canada and most of the waste land up in Malaysia and Philippines. The new law can give major boost to the recycle industry, and as Prime minister mentioned in his speech that it can potentially generate approximately 40000 jobs.

While the details of the ban, as to its coverage is not known, but most likely it will be in line with the European union. This would mean things like plastic straws, cutlery, plates, spoons, knife, coffee lids etc would come within the ambit of the ban.

While laws are required, what is more important is people participation, where we as an individual try as much as possible to avoid plastic consumption.


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