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11 habits to become Eco Friendly

Keeping the water running while brushing, and traveling by car, even for short distances, using single-use plastics are some of the nefarious habits that negatively impact our environment. 

Men are individuals of habit. While some habits become an unconscious part of our daily lifestyle, it is heartbreaking to learn some of these unconscious habits are pushing Mother Earth toward its deterioration.

This brings us to the question – How to be more eco friendly and help in building a sustainable planet? The answer lies in your home and the habits that you practice. By incorporating some simple green habits can effectively help combat environmental damage? 

What is a green habit, you ask? 

Green habits are defined as environment-positive habits that help minimize the impact of individualistic impact on the environment and reduce carbon footprint. From turning off electricity when not required to minimizing waste production, these actions are simple to incorporate into the daily lifestyle and provide tremendous benefits over time.

Eco friendly habits for a Sustainable life

Here is a list of some of the best green habits that you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle

1 – Avoid using plastic bottles. It can never be stressed enough about the hazardous impact of plastic on the environment. Plastic bottles contribute majorly to landfills. Since only 9% of plastic bottles can be recycled, most of the water bottles end up in the oceans, harming the flora and fauna of the marine ecosystem. To reduce your plastic consumption, you can completely avoid single-use plastic bottles and instead use aluminum, biodegradable, stainless steel, or glass bottles to become eco friendly.

copper bottle

2 – Waste segregation and recycling are fundamental green habits you can incorporate into your daily life to combat environmental issues. This will ensure that resources remain in the system for a longer period of time thereby reducing the extraction of new raw materials and waste minimization.

3 – An average household wastes several gallons of water every day. Making some conscious efforts to save water each day can help in combating water scarcity conditions caused due to extreme weather conditions. Severe droughts in different parts of the world, costing millions of agricultural production, have become daily news. Toxic runoff from agricultural fields, fossil fuels, degraded lead pipe infrastructure, and industrial pollution has increased the risk of water contamination. Therefore, conserving water in every possible method is advisable to combat water scarcity in the future. We have written a detailed article on some easy tips to save water, you can read it here.

4 – Meat is an essential part of the daily diet in many households, but did you know that eating less meat can eventually help the environment in the long run? Killing animals for their meat is not only cruel but greatly contributes to carbon emissions. Therefore opting for a plant-based diet can help in producing a myriad of positive benefits for the Earth’s natural resources. If you are fond of your meat, you can gradually transition to plant-based meat, which is an evolving industry for non-vegetarian eaters and help you become more eco friendly.

plant-based meat burger

5 – Choose sustainable mobility. To avoid carbon footprinting, avoid using personal automobiles for distances that can be easily covered by cycling or walking. You can use public transportation, electric vehicles, or carpooling to reduce pollution levels significantly.

Electric Vehicles in India

6 – Trees are our best resource. We receive a variety of benefits from trees. They help produce the oxygen we breathe and provide some of the most essential resources we need to sustain life. However, with rampant deforestation, our green energy sources are in dire need of being recovered. If we all can plant a tree, this situation can improve drastically. 

Trees and Forests

7 – Our fashion industry is another primary reason for glutting landfills. Switching to sustainable fashion can provide a plethora of benefits in the long run. Going thrift shopping, donating your clothes to those in need, wearing clothes made from sustainable fabrics, and purchasing clothes from environment-friendly brands are some of the green habits you can incorporate into your life. Here is a detailed article on adopting sustainable wardrobe

Upcycling of Clothes

8 – Incorporating simple habits like bringing your shopping bag, coffee mug, or water bottles can make vast differences in the long run. Carrying these essential items helps prevent generating unwanted trash and saves resources without much effort. 

9 – Composting is another easy-to-implement eco-friendly green habit that can produce several positive impacts on Mother Earth. Sending vegetable scraps and fruit peels to landfills increases the risk of production of greenhouse gases which boost global warming. Instead keep a pot where you can dispose of vegetable and fruit peels, discarded paper, etc. You can enroll in composting programs held by different municipal corporations or buy composting devices online to start the composting process in your house. Once the compost is ready, you can even use it in your garden and plants.

Jade Plant

10 – Take active measures to be mindful of your electricity consumption. We all are guilty of leaving lights and fans on when not required. Following a mindful approach can produce a plethora of benefits. You can change your current home appliances with energy-saving varieties. Change your light bulbs to LED or halogen options to upgrade efficiency. 

11 – The discovery of paper can be considered one of the most significant achievements that happened to humanity. Millions of stacks of paper are consumed every day, however, an aspect that is missed in our paper usage is the number of trees that are cut and other emissions that are generated to manufacture paper. Therefore it is pertinent that we become cognizant of our paper consumption and try to save paper wherever possible. We have written a detailed article on ideas to save paper, you can read it here.

Wrapping Up

Apart from the habits mentioned above, some quick actions like closing tap water while brushing, opting for bucket baths, setting up recycling bins at home, avoiding pre-packaged items, buying local products, not wasting food, or using energy-efficient appliances can produce several benefits in the long run.

There you go, a simple list of eco friendly habits that can be incorporated into your daily lifestyle. Whether you incorporate one habit or all eleven habits, it is essential to know that every little help for Mother Earth will protect our home planet in the long run.

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