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When Ignorance is not Bliss

This initiative is about Selfie and some Safai (Cleanliness). Participate in the cause to bring awareness around the basic habit of disposing garbage in the dustbin.

We know that we all are striving towards making our individual contributions to ensure that societies and surroundings are kept clean and litter free. Additionally, there is also a sizable population across the globe, which is kind of either because of ignorance, lack of will, laziness, fun or just purely driven by ‘what is in it for me’ attitude.
If all of us would have been following some good habits of disposing garbage in the waste bin, ensuring the waste gets recycled, we would be living in much Cleaner surroundings.
Hence this call to seek this favor from everyone, who can help to create little awareness and spread a message. The initiative requires to take a picture or a selfie whereby you can show that you are putting garbage in dustbin. The picture can be posted on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. It wont require much of your effort, but never know if it might influence someone who don’t take any effort. It can be extended by asking, requesting or even challenging your friends and family to do so. The fun lies in sharing the pudding.
Moreover, if you are ok, tag the photograph on the social media pages with #SafaiSelfie #SafaiSelfieChallenge #BinTheGarbage

Take the #SafaiSelfieChallenge to contribute towards this cause #BinTheGarbage #CSMU Take a #SafaiSelfie #ChangeStartsFromMeandU


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