Change Started Social Impact Projects

Our Social Projects

Here are some of the Change Started Social Projects that we have conducted over the years.

Safai Selfie Challenge 

We are all striving towards making our individual contributions to ensure that our surroundings are kept clean and litter free. However, there is also a sizable number of people across the globe who, either because of ignorance, lack of will, laziness, fun, or just driven by the ‘what is in it for me attitude, fail our society.

To create little awareness and spread a message about cleanliness, we are running this initiative called Safai Selfie Challenge. Safai is a Hindi word for Cleanliness.

The initiative requires participants to take a photograph or a selfie whereby they can show that they are putting garbage in the dustbin. The picture can be posted on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

The initiative can be extended by asking, requesting, or even challenging your friends and family to do so. The fun lies in sharing the pudding.

If they don’t do it, you can ask them to make a donation to a social cause.

It won’t require much of your effort but never know if it might influence someone. Tag the photograph on the social media pages with #SafaiSelfie #SafaiSelfieChallenge #BinTheGarbage to spread the message.

If more people follow these simple habits of disposing of garbage in the waste bin, segregating waste, and ensuring it gets recycled, we would be living in much cleaner surroundings.


Litter Angels

“To reach real peace in the world, we will have to begin with the children.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Young children comprehend better when they engage in the learning process through a variety of activities. To ingrain the importance of cleanliness and basic sanitation at a young age, we conducted Litter Angels Programs.

We worked with schools to spread awareness programs about the environment and sustainability through inclusive fun activities, like quizzes, storyboards, role plays, etc.

Street Talks

We have conducted a few awareness programs on the streets of India to bring cognition about cleanliness, plastic waste, and waste segregation.

Here is a video of our first Street Talks program conducted in one of the popular markets in Lucknow. 


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