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Here is a compilation of unique and creative hacks we found on the internet (YouTube) to repurpose and reuse old plastic bottles. Next time don’t throw the old bottle, either send it to recycle or we would recommend that you put it to creative use.

We would suggest reusing your plastic bottle several times before repurposing to make something super beautiful and a functional household item. 

How will this help?

  • Show off your creativity
  • Save some of your money
  • Reducing the raw materials which would have been incurred in making that item, thus helping the environment
  • Reduce the cost of disposal
  • Put it on Instagram and encourage others.

Albert Einstien has once said Creativity is Contagious, Pass it on”

Thanks to the Creators!! Here are some ways to reuse old plastic bottles.


8 ideas to create cute and funny crafts for kids. Courtesy: Crafts for Kids



Repurpose the plastic bottle caps. Courtesy: Ide Sederhana — Simple Ideas




22 different ways to use your old plastic bottle. Courtesy: 5-Minute Crafts TEENS




Create a vertical garden using plastic bottles. Courtesy: 5T1 Balcony




Take a look at 38 creative ideas with plastic bottles. Courtesy: Thaitrick




Find out the best use of waste plastic jar. Courtesy: Artkala




How to make a water feeder for birds with a plastic bottle. Courtesy: Birdy Official




A toilet cleaner coming to great use  ~ an empty Harpic bottle. Courtesy: S R hack




How about creating a colorful flower out of an old plastic soft-drink bottle. Courtesy: Ria Official




Talcum powder bottle is being put to creative use. Courtesy: Artsy Madhu



This list is a small repository, there will be many other wonderful ideas out there, which you can let us know. Also if you know someone who can put this in practice, share it with them as well.

Once again Thanks to the creators.

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