Change Started

Write for Us

What is Change Started all about?

Change Started is a platform that covers stories, news, research, analysis, opinions, and best practices from around the world on issues that are important for the environment.

Do you accept guest posts?

Yes, we do! However, we are looking for original, well-researched content that fits into our niche.

What kind of content are you looking for?

If it fits in the overall theme of environment, sustainability, and climate change. It could be any of the following categories:

  • Personal experiences in solving an environmental problem
  • Any tips and tricks that help people become more sustainable and adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle
  • An original and well-researched analysis of Climate Change and Climate Solution
  • Profile of an interesting startup in the sustainability business
  • Latest trends in sustainability
  • News and views

Would you give me topics to write on?

You are free to write on topics that you think are appropriate for Change Started. If you have any doubts, you can share a story summary and we can take it from there.

I can’t write well, but can I still contribute?

We support good content, if you have a good story to share, do write to us. We can make necessary corrections, and remove any grammatical errors, typos, etc.

Does the content have to be original?

We are looking for stories and articles that haven’t been done before. If you have picked a reference from a source, let’s not forget to give due credit.

Is there a word limit?

There is no word limit.

You’re free to be as concise or as detailed as you’d like, as long as the piece reads well, is comprehensive, and yet not verbose. 

Do you pay for the contributions?

All contributions are gratis. We will publish the article in your name. We can add your brief profile with social media handles.

However, if you’d like to receive payment for your work, we can discuss a more long-term opportunity with us, if available.

Is there a deadline to write?

You can turn in an article at your convenience and when you have enough material for one.

So, where do I turn in the articles or reach out for other queries?

Mail them at with “guest post request” in the subject line, with your contact details and social media profiles. We might take a while to respond since we get a lot of content submission requests but we will definitely get back to you.