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Climate Change-based Games

Indian Prime Minister discuss Climate Change-based Games

In a recent free-wheeling conversation that Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi had with some India-based gaming creators and influencers, he suggested developing games that address climate change and global warming. 

Digital gaming is a huge industry in India, whether it involves players, creators, or game developers. According to estimates, India has a gaming population of more than 400 million. 

According to an EY report, online gaming in India is likely to reach US$4 billion by FY28. However, the government has not given much focus or attention to the gaming market’s potential. 

So it was interesting to see the Prime Minister having this interaction and even trying his hand at playing some of the games. An edited version of the conversation was released on social media. A variety of gaming-related topics was discussed, and the Prime Minster alluded to making gaming a viable career option for young people. He also addressed the issue of regulations in the gaming sector and the distinction between gaming and gambling.

While discussing games made with Indian themes, he indicated the existing issues of climate change and global warming. 

The Prime Minister suggested to the gaming community that games be developed related to mission LiFE (lifestyle for the environment), which he has spoken about in multiple global forums, including COP26. He further envisioned a game where gamers could explore different approaches to a sustainable lifestyle and mitigate the challenges of climate change. 

The Prime Minister even proposed a game based on the Swachh Bharat (Clean India) theme, where young children can learn and embrace cleanliness practices.  

Wrapping Up

The concept of digital gaming helps reach out to users on different themes, including social change, in an engaging and fun manner. Many topics might not interest certain people, but through a game, it can become engrossing. 

However, the concept of climate change-based games is fairly new, and that is why we need game developers to create games that aim to teach people about this pressing problem and warn them about what could happen if the situation goes unchecked. It would also be interesting to see if there could be a mode for collaborative play that will help reach a wider audience. 

The Indian Prime Minister’s suggestion to the gaming community about the need for such a game will probably set the ball in motion in the large Indian gaming market. It can also be helpful if the Indian government, through its Environment, Forest & Climate Change Ministry, participates in or sponsors one or a few such games.

In 2022, the UK government, along with Minecraft Education Edition, created a game called ‘RiverCraft,’ where students can explore the concepts of flood management, prevention, climate change, and the local environment.

Other game developers have developed climate change-based games, but it will be interesting to see if, after this discussion, we get to play a game from India on this theme. 



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