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IBM Challenge for Software Developers with a concern for Climate Change

Most of us understand the gravity of Climate Change, but only a few of us are doing our own bit to tackle the problem.

  • By 2050, the global population will reach 9.8B people exerting further pressure on the earth’s resources. 
  • By the year 2100, global temperatures could increase 3-5 degrees Celsius (5.4-9.0 degrees Fahrenheit) according to the United Nations World Meteorological Organization’s annual statement in 2018.

Planting trees, reducing pollution-generating machines, curbing the use of plastic are some methods to address the damages, but probably in the Digital era, we need something more innovative and transformational.

Global technology behemoth, IBM has created ‘Code and Response’, a four-year, $25 million deployment initiative that puts open source technologies to fight Climate Change. The premise is that technology can help reverse the trend and help communities address the impact in tangible ways.

In a recent global IBM survey of more than 3,000 developers, first responders, and social activists, 77% agree that climate change is the single most pressing issue of our time. In the same survey, 79% of respondents agree that climate change is something that can be reduced or combatted with technology.

Keeping that perspective, the Call for Code Global Challenge calls on the software developers, data scientists, and other coders to create a solution built on open source tech that helps to halt and reverse climate change.

The theme for the year 2020 is natural disaster response, water sustainability, clean energy.

Below are the steps to participate in this initiative

  1. Accept the challenge, where the participant can learn about the competition
  2. Develop a solution with open technologies, and leverage resources like code patterns, expert videos, and tutorials to build your idea.
  3. Collaborate with other teammates, meet experts, ask questions, or share ideas
  4. Finally, submit the idea and the code for a chance to win $200k USD. 

Access the link here.


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