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Electric Vehicle Taxi Services in India

The growing climate consciousness and the need for reliable cab services drive many Indian consumers to opt for electric vehicle cab services. 

Taxi services move millions of people every day.

In addition to local cabs, 2010 was a watershed in Indian taxi services as it brought in two startups – Ola and Uber. These two ride-hailing platforms revolutionized how Indians used cabs for everyday commutes.

However, over the years, the services of these two companies have become unreliable and often met with discontent and displeasure among consumers; apart from that, the fossil-fuel-based cabs also contribute to pollution and climate change.

Therefore, there is a growing class of Indian consumers looking for environmentally friendly and reliable alternatives.

Here is a list of electric vehicle taxi service companies in India. 


BlueSmart started operations in Delhi-NCR in 2019 as a 50-EV experiment. The company is an app-based all-electric ride-hailing B2C platform with hundreds of EVs. In 2023, it introduced Electric Vehicle Cab services in Bengaluru. 

Locations: NCR, Bengaluru

Lithium Urban

Bengaluru-based Lithium Urban Technologies is one of India’s largest 100 percent Electric Vehicle fleet companies. The company offers many corporate clients B2B e-mobility solutions across passenger and freight segments. In 2014, Lithium started as a taxi company before venturing into fleet management, charging infrastructure, and a demand management platform.

Locations: NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad

Evera Cabs

Founded in 2019, Evera is an electric cab company that provides EV services for customers. Apart from personal rides, Delhi-based Evera Cabs also offers fleet management services to corporations and businesses. 

Locations: NCR


Founded in 2019, Gurgaon-based a-Taxi is an electric mobility company providing electric cabs for corporations, consumers, and the government. 

Locations: NCR


Bengaluru-based Shoffr operates an all-electric cab fleet focussed on Airport transfers and outstation facilities. Shoffr started its taxi services in November 2022. 

Locations: Bengaluru

GoGreen Cabs

GoGreen Cabs is the first electric cab service provider company in Nashik, an ancient holy city in Maharashtra. 

Locations: Nashik

Cab-E Mobility

Cab-E is an electric vehicle taxi company based in Mumbai. Started in 2019, Cab-E provides an electric fleet of cars for intra-city and inter-city commuting.

Locations: Mumbai, Pune

Hail Cabs

Hyderabad-based Hail Cabs provides electric vehicle taxis in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Started in 2022, Hail Cabs is an app-based all-electric ride-hailing platform. 

Locations: Hyderabad

Ohm E-Logistics

Hyderabad-based Ohm E-Logistics runs an all-electric cab fleet focussed on Airport transfers and intra-city facilities.

Locations: Hyderabad

Snap-E Cabs

Started in Kolkata, Snap-E Cabs provides eco-friendly public electric transport services. The startup launched its electric vehicle taxi services in August 2022 with a fleet of over 600 Tata Tigors. 

Locations: Kolkata

Smarto Cabs

Guwahati-based Smarto Cabs is an electric vehicle taxi service company that provides Airport transfers and rental facilities.

Locations: Guwahati

Wrapping Up

Electric Vehicles in India

Electric mobility is the future of transport; therefore, it is imperative that all transport systems gradually switch to electric vehicles. 

Apart from the demand from consumers, the Indian government has also created momentum towards the adoption of electric vehicles. Through its Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid &) Electric Vehicles Schemes that encourage, and in some cases, even mandate the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EV), intending to reach 100% EV penetration by 2030, the electric vehicle taxi services in India are surely going to rise. 



We will update the list as and when we learn more about EV taxi services in India. If you know any company that provides electric cabs in your area or city, do let us know in the comments.



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