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Green Exchange in times of Black and White

A unique movement has started in the USA amidst the Black and White issue.

The white people are giving plants to Black people. Yes, you heard it right!! Plants 🌱

Called as the underground plant exchange, the initiative was kickstarted by a tweet from New York-based DJ Freedom. It started gaining traction as more and more people participated in giving out a plant.

DJ Freedom is a strong advocate of plants and gardening and keep posting quirky social media posts. This one simple tweet posted on the 6th of June “If you are white give a plant to a black this instant” really become big. The tweet in a few days went viral and people started exchanging and giving out plants.


A new Instagram account was also created to facilitate the exchange of plants between people living nearby. People post what they want to give, and interested people collaborate to complete the transaction.

DJ wants to take this further by building a website and conducting workshops “to spread the knowledge, healing, and transformation that plants bring into this world”.


No one can deny the importance of a plant, they not only make the house beautiful, but studies have proven that gardening can relieve stress, elevate mood, and improve mental health.

In times like COVID, negative news, economic disturbances, and social unrest – gardening and plant exchanges can become a source of community building and soothe anxieties. 

A simple thing can create such a powerful and unifying impact, this is a recent example. There can be a multitude of ways to put a point across, who would have thought to exchange plants can also bring change.

Plants and nature do not distinguish anyone.





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