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7 eco-friendly kitchen products to immediately start using

Here is a list of eco-friendly kitchen products & eating behaviors that we can easily tweak, which is not only healthy for our body but also friendly for our beautiful planet.

Most of the plastic we use and throw end up in water bodies & oceans – contaminating the environment and impacting the marine life.

Reusable bags

Let’s start with your shopping bag to begin the journey towards your eco-friendly kitchen.

As per research, about one trillion single-use plastic bags are used annually across the globe, which is about 2 million every minute. What is more worrisome is the fact that less than 20% of that plastic is recycled. Which means 80% of that plastic entering the landfill and more likely ending up in an Ocean. Imagine a plastic bag in strangulating an innocent turtle or a fish.

Now think, the difference you can make by carrying a simple cloth or jute reusable bag when going for kitchen shopping.

Plastic Wrap

Why do we need to wrap food with plastic, is it not chemicals mixing with something which we are going to eat.

If you have to store a food item, is it not simple to just put it in a box (preferably a metal) or cover with a lid.

Cups, Glass & Tumblers

The water looks so pleasant in a glass or a metal tumbler.

If in case, there is a party or a get-together at home, instead of giving a disposable glass which you have to throw and pollute. Either you can ask the guests to BYOG (bring your own Glass) or use eco-friendly alternatives available at home.

Cutlery & Spatulas

Let’s avoid using the spoons, the forks, the cooking ladles made with plastic.

Replace them with wooden, steel, or brass ones, which are not only healthy but will make a great eco-friendly kitchen product.

Chopping/Cutting Board

When you chop your vegetables & fruits on a plastic board, remember you are cutting the plastic as well (ever so minutely). The same plastic is getting mixed with the food and getting in your tummy.

When the option is available to do on a metal plate or a wooden chopping board, why risk with plastic.

Storage Containers

eco-friendly kitchen products

Most of the stuff in the kitchen – pulses, spices, sugar, tea/coffee, flour need containers. If you are still using the plastic containers, it is time to replace them with Glass or Steel one.

If you would want to see clearly what is inside the containers, then suggest to get a transparent Glass one, otherwise, get a metal one.

Waste/Litter Bag

Lastly, when all the kitchen trash & garbage (make sure to segregate the waste) is filled in the waste bag – Try to put your trash in a disposable waste bags.

There are many varieties that are available – make sure to get the right one which is really bio-degradable.

Moreover, if you are fond of gardening, use vegetable waste as compost for pots. Your plants will thank you, with flowers and homegrown veggies.

Few other eco-friendly kitchen products which you can slowly remove are non-stick pans, plastic bottles, plastic baby bottles, plastic water jars.

Here is a post that we made for eco-friendly products in your home.

Eco-friendly Products for Plastic Free Daily Routine

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