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Eco-friendly Products for Plastic Free Daily Routine

If you are on this page, you are one of them who recognize the gravity of plastic and the disaster it causes to our environment. While you understand the problem, you are somehow unable to figure out the alternatives that can make a plastic-free home.
Here are some simple Eco-friendly products for home and daily use, which will substantially reduce the plastic waste going into our oceans. They might be a little expensive or it may take time to adapt to them, but these little steps can make a world of difference.

Good Morning!!


An Eco-friendly product to start your day (and many of you will also end the day with this) – a Toothbrush.

Why not replace the existing plastic toothbrush with a wooden (or bamboo) toothbrush.

Time for a Bath!!


We might have always taken Shampoo from plastic bottles. As per estimates more than 500 million shampoo/conditioner bottles could be ending up as waste every year.

Why not switch to shampoo or a conditioner bar (No this is not body soap) – it is to be used for your hair. A bar requires much less packaging, compared to fancy-looking shampoo bottles.

Time for grooming!


Brush your hair and make an awesome hairstyle, using a comb that has a wooden or metal handle.

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Feeling Sleepy

Coffee/Tea at the Workplace

Want to head for a caffeine break with your office pals in tow, for some banter.

While you are at the coffee vending machine, instead of picking a disposable cup – bring a Glass or Steel cup from your home – with some motivating quote or a quirky cartoon.

Once you start doing it, you might inspire your friend to do the same.

As per some calculations, 16 billion disposable coffee cups are used each year. The use & throw cups are either thermocol cups (which are plastic again) or paper-based cups, coated with plastic to laminate the inside layering.

It is not a big task to simply wash your own cup with running water before and after use.

Feeling Thirsty!!

Drinking Bottle

Experts say that human beings should drink 4-6 liters of water during the course of the day.

So something which you do so frequently, why not do it using a glass or metal bottle.

While you are using it, wherever possible make it a point to carry a metal bottle along. A little bit of weightlifting will only help in your fitness routine.

Time to Eat!! Carrying Food

Tiffin Boxes

Instead of the plastic tiffin boxes, carry your food in metal-based tiffin boxes. Stainless steel lunch boxes are easy to carry, low on cost &maintenance, and most importantly non-reactive to food.

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Shopping Time

Carry Reusable bags

 On the way from work buying groceries or visiting a store.

As per research, about one trillion single-use plastic bags are used annually across the globe, which is about 2 million every minute. What is more worrisome is the fact that less than 20% of that plastic is recycled. This means 80% of that plastic entering the landfill and more likely ending up in an Ocean. Imagine a plastic bag strangulating an innocent turtle or a fish.

Now think, the difference you can make by carrying a simple cloth or jute reusable bag when going shopping.

End of the Day

Waste/Litter Bag

While we are at the end of the day, all the day’s trash and garbage (make sure to segregate the waste) are filled in the waste bag.

Try to put your trash in disposable waste bags, many varieties are available – make sure to get the right one that is really bio-degradable.

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Tick how many of the above Eco-friendly products for home you already use. If not, can you make a beginning?

This is only a basic list of items to eliminate or reduce plastic usage in your daily life routine. As you go along, you can incorporate more items into your lives. Here are some items which you can remove from Kitchen.

Then products are made with recycled plastic or solar-powered lights to reduce energy consumption or fit low-flow showerheads to conserve water.

The idea is to live in harmony with nature, if you start and inspire others – the change will become a revolution.

If you have more Eco-friendly products for home and daily use, please share them with us, we can incorporate that into this list.




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