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Brave Blue World

Brave Blue World – Film that highlights Water Solutions

  • Movie Name: Brave Blue World
  • Director: Tim Neeves
  • Run Time: 50m
  • Year of Release: 2020
  • Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐  (3.5 stars)

A coal replacement from human feces, biofuels from city wastewater, drinking water from the air, and a filtration process using aquaporin.

These are some of the incredible examples of human ingenuity that is solving one of the world’s biggest problems facing humanity – Water, a natural resource that many of us take for granted is under severe stress.

An increase in water usage due to population growth, climate unpredictability, industrial demand, and wastage is causing immense water scarcity. In addition, water pollution and depleting water tables further aggravate the water crisis. Many major cities of the world are facing water shortages.

Brave Blue World is a documentary that addresses the problem of water and sanitation, which impacts more than a billion people across the globe. Instead of just talking about the problem, the documentary Brave Blue World features solutions.

The 50-minute Netflix film takes us through wonderful innovations from companies that are based in Kenya, the USA, Spain, India, Denmark, and Mexico, among others. 

The film features views from Hollywood actors Matt Damon and Jaden Smith, among other innovators and individuals. Both the actors are connected with water conservation solutions, Matt is the co-founder of, and Jaden is the co-founder of 501cThree. 

501cThree solution is “The Water Box”, a box that filters water and delivers clean water from the air every 60 seconds for free. Then there is an example from a factory of the large cosmetics company L’Oréal where they have implemented a solution that ensures all water required for an industrial process “is covered by the reuse of treated and recycled water.” A Kenyan company called Sanivation has put toilets in rural homes and then collects the fecal matter and transforms it into a charcoal alternative.

These are a few case studies that this film highlights. Brave Blue World is an interesting environmental documentary that makes a case for reusing, recycling, and conserving water. The film closes with a message that provokes viewers to make their small contribution and help the Planet solve this ensuing water shortage crisis. 




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