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Ooho! London Marathon’s Edible Water Bottle

What do marathons signify – fitness, endurance, fun or litter. If you have been a part of any marathon, you would understand what is being referred here. The water stations, which are kept along the race route to keep the runners energized and hydrated is sometimes the place of litter and garbage. Many times the mistake is unintentional, to keep up with the rhythm and maintain the pace, runners simply miss the dustbins and throw the empty packets or bottles on the route.

Whatever the case, the problem required some solution and it came in form of ‘edible water bottles’. Recently concluded London Marathon (April 28th), had an interesting introduction at Mile 23, where instead of regular water bottles or packets, the runners were given the bio degradable water bubble.

The liquid filled capsules have an interesting name as well – Ooho. These are made using seaweed, the small little capsules can be consumed in entirety or can be cut open to take the water, the leftover is completely degradable. Developed by a London based company Skipping Rocks Lab, the edible water capsules can have wide spread usage in large scale events like marathons, social gatherings or cultural festivals. They can be even used to hold tomato ketchup or other sauces. The innovative medium will not only help in reducing the litter and space, but will also help in restricting usage of plastic.


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