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Fern Rainforest Plant

Rainforests Plants for your Home – House Plants

Rainforests are the oxygen cylinders and jewels of planet earth. Providing accommodation to more than half of the world’s species with just 2-3% of the land, they are a human civilization lifeline.

The Amazon area in South America contains the world’s largest rainforest, with nearly two-thirds portion inside Brazil.

Congo, Peru, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia along with few others countries also have regions with rainforests.

Rainforests are typically characterized by continuous rains and tree canopy, where layers of forest floors are created by overlapping branches and leaves of the trees. This extremely conducive atmosphere provides excellent habitat to thousands of animals and a variety of plants, trees & fruits. Many of these plants are used for medicinal purposes as well.

Studies have estimated 40,000 plant species and more than 15,000 trees in Amazon rainforests. Still, new discoveries are made every few weeks.

Açai Palm, Orchids, Bromeliad, Epiphytes, Rubber, Coffee, Water Lilys are some of the prominent species found in these hot & humid conditions.

While the conditions of rainforests cannot be replicated at home, but do not fret. Here are a few rainforest plants for home use that can be planted in small pots & cups to create an awesome rainforest experience.


Fern Rainforest Plant
Fern Plant

Ferns are known for their cool leaves – they are non-flowering and their reproduction happens via spores.

Many varieties of Fern species are found in Amazon jungles, but if you want to enjoy them in your homes, they are relatively easy to grow. Avoiding high temperatures areas, a light sprinkling of water at regular intervals and shaded exposure to sunlight can make your fern plant lush green.

Jade plants (Crassula ovata)

Jade Rainforest Plant
Jade Plant

These succulent plants with fleshy leaves are native to South America and Mozambique but are more than happy to be your companion in your home.

These plants will need substantial sunlight and loose soil. They are extremely happy with low maintenance as they don’t need too much water and re-potting (they can stay in the same pot for years).



Native to tropical rain forests in Central and South America, but an extremely popular house plant, because it is associated with Feng Shui.

They have distinctive leave that changes shape according to the plant’s stage of growth. This makes them not only very attractive but they have the ability to clean the air.

They are extremely easy to grow, as they don’t need exposure to direct sunlight.



Coleus is a foliage plant native to tropical areas of Indonesia, India, and Africa. Due to the unique color of leaves, Coleus was a popular choice during the Victorian period as it was used for carpet gardening.

Coleus comes in many varieties, most of them can be planted at home in light moist soil conditions. They are extremely ornamental and add sparkle to your home.

Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata)

Snake Plant
Snake Plant

The name is derived because of its reptile-like stiff leaves that range from six inches to eight feet tall. They can be planted in water as well.

One variety of Snake plants is also known as Mother in Law Tongue, the yellow border around its leaves makes them extremely beautiful in your room.

Snake plants are again extremely hardy and great for purifying the air.

Wrapping Up

Hope you enjoy these rainforest plants for your home.

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