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Why is Change Required?

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” – Vince Lombardi

None of us are quintessential; we all excel in some areas while lack in others. However, it does not imply that one must make peace with it, rather efforts should be made to consistently bring incremental improvements. And while one strives to improvise on qualities to help improve oneself in an aspect that (s)he lacks in, it would be endearing if, in this process of self-development, one can simultaneously help impact the lives of others.

Cleanliness, food wastage prevention, paper wastage prevention, promoting plantation, driving with seat-belt or helmet on, lane driving, prevention of unnecessary honking, restricting unnecessary use of plastic, giving way to ambulance – are some of the areas, where, if attention is given, can help positively create an impact on the society. It’s not that we are not aware about this; all of us recognize its importance and look forward to be a part of this. However, when things do not go the “ideal way”, we tend to accept it as a way of life turning a blind eye towards our responsibilities. I’ve heard people say, “What’s the point in doing anything, no one is doing it anyway.” We must, however, realize that “two wrongs don’t make it right”. If we give way to an ambulance, that 1 sec can possibly save someone’s life, one bowl of rice which you discarded could have been a dinner for someone, the unnecessary honking of horns due to silly reasons could possibly disturb a patient in a nearby hospital fighting for his/her life. While it may appear that it would make a very small difference in the overall scheme of things but it is through collective efforts that a change may be created. Remember, every drop in the ocean counts! Conversely, let’s just think if it had been us on the other side…

There are many institutions, groups, and celebrities who have contributed and are still contributing towards spreading awareness and bringing in a change for a better society. Whether it is theirs, yours or ours, with this platform, we want to bring stories, news, research, reports, suggestions, thoughts, etc. to you.

Change Started is a forum to share, discuss and highlight those issues which look trivial but if we, as individuals change, can have a huge impact on the society.



Change Started


Change Started is a platform that covers stories, news, research, analysis, opinions, best practices from around the world on issues that are important for the environment and protecting our Planet.

Through inclusive climate action, which includes people like you and me, we can create a sustainable planet.

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