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Tea, Toast and Toilet

The City of Hyderabad has a swanky new cafe, its called Loo cafe.

Don’t get perturbed by the name, but yes you are right, it serves the same purpose as its name after – Loo, a cafe with an attached luxurious free to use a public toilet.

The cafe serves a variety of drinks, packaged foods like chips, chocolates, noodles, ice creams along with fast food items like brownies, pastries, sandwiches, samosas, etc.

An Initiative by the government of Telangana, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) & Ixora FM, the focus here is to provide an upscale clean hygienic washroom for the citizens while breaking free of the perception that public toilets are unclean and unhygienic.

The plan is to maintain the loo part from the business generated from the cafe part.

About Loo Cafe

The Loo cafe is just 170 sq ft in size and is equipped with bio washrooms which are disabled-friendly and designed to maximize space. The first branch is launched opposite Shilparamam and close to Cyber Towers in Hitech City, the IT hub of the city. Just 10 meters away from the airport bus stand and bang opposite a major tourist attraction, the place already has started getting attention from the public. The vertical garden, potted plants, and smart lighting have added an extra charm.

Ixora group is into facilities management and offers a range of services in housekeeping, electrical fixtures, kitchen, security, and technology.

The Loo Cafe provides Ixora a perfect ground to showcase its offerings for the greater good. As per reports, the company wants to quickly expand to other parts of Hyderabad and other cities in India.

Similar to Loo Cafe, India also LooTel – a combination of 2 words Loo and Hotel. 

This technology-enabled public toilet initiative is started by Yashwant Suthar, after a personal incident, where his wife was chased by hooligans when attending nature’s call.

We have spoken to the founder of Lootel, about his journey and plans.

Public Toilet Man – Yashwant Suthar – Lootel



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