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What is the menu? Greenhouse gases and Carbon footprint found on Just Salad

You go to a restaurant, and ask the waiter: What are the food choices available in the menu? Waiter: Ceaser Salad with 60 grams of CH4, 120 grams of NO2, 20 grams O3. Then we have Pancake with 180 grams NO2...

Can Gig Economy be the new Sunshine sector – Government can empower through Technology

There is an organized sector (that works under government guidelines) and there is the unorganized sector (that is not governed) — mostly relies on daily wages. Then there is a Gig economy, which is basically...

Why we should get inspired by an all-women team tackle Plastic Pollution

As per Collin’s dictionary, the definition of ’sail through’ is “If someone or something sails through a difficult situation or experience, they deal with it easily and successfully.” While most of...

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