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Why should we use copper bottles?

Isn’t it true that most people are mainly concerned about maintaining good health these days and continuously looking for ways to enhance their well-being?

Depending upon age & gender, the water in the human body can range between 50% to 70%. Yet we concentrate more on the food and hardly focus on the water we drink.

Well, one of the simplest ways to bring a remarkable change in our life could be by drinking water which is free from impurities. While we do not have control over the water supply, but at least we can control the way we drink.

Drinking from the plastic bottles is definitely not one of them. Plastic not only pollutes the environment but using it as part of daily use is harmful to our body.

Solution: Copper bottles.

You may have noticed that the elderly of every family emphasize a lot about using home remedies to improve our lives’ quality. And, mostly, they recommend having a copper vessel at home to store and drink water from those vessels.

Even the most renowned Indian yogi, Jaggi Vasudev, popularly known as Sadhguru, has put forward his perspective on the various health benefits like eliminating many chronic diseases, etc when you use copper vessels and bottles to store and drink water. 

It may sound astonishing to many how shifting to copper bottles can be so impactful in enhancing your well-being.

After knowing the numerous benefits of using copper, there won’t be many people who would hesitate to shift to copper bottles. Let’s look at how this transition will have such a significant impact on your health and how effective copper bottles are in transforming the daily lives. 

Why should we use copper bottles: The Benefits of Copper Bottle

  • Enhances the immunity system

A primary reason for having a weak immunity system is the deficiency of copper in our bodies. Copper occurs naturally in our bodies and is considered to be one of the robust anti-bacterial metals. It is mostly known for showing constraint against harmful bacteria like E. coli, which are responsible for causing a number of common illnesses in our body. Hence, drinking water through copper bottles will surely boost the levels of copper in your body and revitalize your immune system in a short span of time. 

  • Prevents the spread of cancer cells

A number of studies prove that the antioxidant elements of copper are effective in the prevention of the spreading of cancer cells and destabilizing their initial growth. It is scientifically proven that bodies that contain an acidic pH level are more prone to suffer from cancer.

The copper bottles contain alkalizing properties, and drinking water from them ensures prevention of the occurrence and spread of cancer cells, along with rebalancing the entire body. 

  • Useful in stimulating the brain

According to a recent report, only 25% of the total world’s population has a sustainable copper level in their bodies. This report signifies a dangerous situation, as the level of copper directly impacts the stimulation and functioning of the brain. Therefore, it becomes vital to maintain the proper copper level in your body to stimulate the brain cells. Lack of copper in your body is also the reason for experiencing blank mind moments in a particular situation.

Consuming water from copper bottles will help you maintain the right copper level to stimulate your brain cells at regular intervals.  

  • Supports the functioning of the thyroid

One of the unknown aspects of copper is its active role in regulating the hormones responsible for activating our thyroid. The continuous stimulation of hormones is essential in maintaining an active thyroid. Subsequently, an active thyroid is responsible for maintaining a person’s overall health by regulating the hormones for the proper functioning of different body parts.

The water consumed from copper bottles will be pivotal in providing sufficient copper to maintain an active thyroid, and eventually, result in the proper functioning of all the parts of the body. 

  • Enhances the digestive system’s performance

A prominent quality of copper is that it can diminish inflammation and eradicate toxins, enhancing our body’s ability to digest food. Consuming water from copper bottles can be the best solution for people suffering from digestive issues.

Consequently, your digestive system’s enhanced performance will make you feel more active while performing any physical tasks, along with reducing the feeling of heavy bloating. 

  • Helps in losing weight

It is generally observed that people who want to burn their fats and reduce weight consume foods like nuts, beans, leafy greens, etc. While consuming these food items, the one thing that gets unnoticed by most of the people is that all these foods are rich in copper. And, as it is a well-known fact that most of these foods are not desirable and don’t give a good taste to the mouth, the easiest way to ensure that you consume the same level of copper without taking these foods items is by drinking water from copper bottles. Eventually, it will dispose of all the unnecessary fats and get you into a perfect body tone. 

  • Prevents Ageing

Copper has a tremendous ability to develop substances like elastin and collagen, which will surely make you look younger. Further, it also prevents getting a deflated look that comes along with aging by regulating the skin-plumping hyaluronic acid. These properties of copper can be advantageous for your skin, and the easiest way to give yourself a youthful appearance is by drinking water from copper bottles.

According to skin experts, you can maintain the glow of your skin by drinking water from copper bottles every morning regularly. 

The science behind the various health benefits of using copper bottles 

After knowing the numerous benefits of using copper bottles, if you still have doubts as to why should we use copper bottles. It is vital to back all of them with scientific evidence and remove all your hesitations before shifting to copper bottles.

There are three crucial factors of copper bottles: design, material, and shape, which make them enriched with such benefits. When water is stored for a few hours in a copper bottle, the copper ions start to dissolve in tiny particles in that water. This process of the dissolving copper ions is known as the Oligodynamic Effect, as consuming this water effectively eliminates harmful bacteria, fungi, and microbes.  

Some important points to remember: 

  • Before storing water, make sure that you wash the copper bottles at least once daily to prevent them from getting spoilt. You can rinse it with a natural acidic solution like water and lemon. 
  • It is common for the copper bottle to turn black and green due to oxidation, it is not something to get worried. A simple technique can make it sparkling clean.


  • While using copper bottles, you must ensure that the water is refilled every six to eight hours.
  • It is always advisable to avoid the storage of acid-containing foods in copper bottles or vessels.
  • Don’t place the copper bottles into refrigerators; instead, try putting it in a cool and dry place before going to sleep. 

Where can I buy the bottles?

why should we use copper bottles

Bottles of different brands, shapes, and sizes are available in the market. If there lack of availability in the local market, we can always log in to our e-commerce sites like Amazon.

Final words 

After knowing all the various health benefits derived from drinking water from copper bottles, you would be further delighted to know that efforts are being globally made for the production of copper bottles at lower prices. As a result, you can now enjoy multiple health benefits by purchasing a copper bottle at an affordable price. 



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