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Solving Food Wastage with a Small Sachet – GreenPod Labs – Deepak Rajmohan

Sometime back, when we asked one of the owners of a local grocery store, what is the biggest challenge they faced on day to day basis “Sir, my biggest pain is the fruits and vegetables which I have to throw...

121 kg Food Wastage per person in a year

United Nations Environment Programme along with WRAP released the Food Waste Index Report 2021 and glaringly about 17% of total food available to consumers in 2019 was thrown and wasted. Most of the food that...

Dear Swiggy and Zomato – Can We Discuss Food Wastage?

Food wastage is rampant in India. A country where millions of people sleep hungry daily while there are thousands who throw away unconsumed food without blinking an eyelid. According to the CSR Journal, nearly...

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