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Best mobile applications to Prevent Food Wastage – From different countries

How technology is helping in tackling food wastage problem

We are sure this statistic will not please anyone – One-third of all food produced worldwide gets into the garbage bins and landfills.

Food wastage causes immense loss to various aspects of society. The problem is across the value chain and spread in all the countries.

In the era of digital technologies and innovation, this problem had to be addressed, and what better way than ubiquitous smartphones mobile applications that can tackle this problem in a most novel way.

We looked around for the mobile apps which are working in food wastage space, our idea was to pick out the ones which are unique and innovative.

Check out these apps which are available on both Android and IOS.

US – Food for All 

People in 2 of the most prominent and populous US cities – Boston & NYC can get the best of food from over 200 restaurants.

Launched in 2016 with a Kickstarter campaign, the Food for all mobile application allows citizens to buy meals at huge discounts, a few minutes before the restaurant closes down.

Users can simply select and pay for the meal at an extremely low cost, and then go to the respective restaurant to pick their food.

Korea – DamoGO 

Through the app, users can browse meals and food which are sometimes 50% less than the normal rates, can even get notifications for available food.

Once the food item is selected the user can pay through the app and pick food by showing the QR code. They have plans to add the delivery options in the near future.

Singapore – Makan Rescue

Singapore students have developed a mobile app to tackle food wastage, with an interesting tagline – “Be notified when there’s free food near you! Don’t let good food go to waste”.

The purpose of the app is to connect people who have food surplus with those who need it. The app informs the users when there is free food available as soon as the one who has extra food. There is a chatbot feature as well to make communication easier and in real-time.

The initiative is led by students from two Singapore-based universities – the National University of Singapore (NSU) and Singapore Management University (SMU), bringing the flavors of technology and business.

Netherland – NoFoodWasted

NoFoodWasted app comes from the land of Dutch, allows the users to search for food from a local provider (supermarket, bakery, or restaurant) and then mark it as a favorite.

The company will inform on the day when the selected provider has products available, which can be bought online, and then the user can pick up their order

UK and Spain – OLIO

One of the most prominent app in this space is Olio, it facilitates neighbors getting connected with fellow neighbors and local stores for any surplus food items.

The food can include homegrown gardens vegetables,  unwanted food, or any surplus food when going on a holiday. Users can take a photo of their item, write a brief description, and provide pick-up details.

A neighbor or another user can browse what is available, request anything which they might need, and send a message to arrange a pick-up.

Sweden – Karma

Available in multiple cities across Sweden, the United Kingdom, and France. This award-winning app offers people the ability to find deals from its food eateries partners like restaurants, hotels, groceries, bakeries.

Users can pay reduced prices and pick up the food as a takeaway from the same eatery by showing the order details on the app.

Final Words

In the end, we would say the food apps create a win-win situation for both the food eateries and the consumers. The customer gets good food for free or at lower prices. Restaurants, grocery stores, cafes, hotels are able to make some money or give away their extra food and don’t have to worry about its disposal. Overall there is a feeling for anyone involved that they are in a way helping the environment because the food isn’t going to waste

There are many other similar apps that are available in the market, let us know if you find this article useful and want us to bring more such stories?


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