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Indian Cricketers and Sports celebrities message on World Environment Day 2020

Amid the Corona pandemic, there is an increasing consciousness about the environment, protecting the ecosystem, increasing biodiversity, and sustainable living. On the occasion of World Environment Day 2020, a slew of Indian cricketers and other sportsmen have shared their messages on social media.

Interestingly, compared to other countries, Indian sports celebrities are more vocal about the Environment.

Sachin Tendulkar has always been supportive of causes related to the environment and preserving biodiversity. A few days before his birthday this year, he posted a video of himself watering the plants. “Me and my plants…special connection I treasure. All of us can do with more green around us”

He did not disappoint his fans on this year’s Environment day as well and posted a beautiful picture and a message on preserving biodiversity.

Take a look, at what other Indian Cricketers and sports celebrities are saying.

Indian limited over format vice-captain, only cricketer with three ODI double-hundred, Rohit Sharma posted an amazing video of our beautiful nature which was on display amid the pandemic and lockdown.

Indian Cricketer’s message on the environment shows their concern for nature. We need to be more aware of the catastrophic dangers of climate change, pollution, and global warming and do our best to bring some change to our day-to-day lifestyle.



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