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Tress and Oxygen

World on Ventilators – Trees and Oxygen are Essential for Human Existence

The cost of Oxygen can be in the range ~ $5 – $10 per liter. So if you need oxygen for a day, that would cost approximately ~$500 (~Rs 35,000).

We are in the middle of a serious health pandemic; thousands of infected people would have been put on ventilators for the supply of oxygen. Many people were left in a serious condition, because of the unavailability of oxygen.

If a 10-liter oxygen cylinder unit with a complete rotameter regulator mask was available in the market for Rs 6,500 (~ $90) at the beginning of the pandemic, it is not available even at Rs 8,000 (~$114) now. Due to a shortage in the market, there are companies offering package deals for an oxygen cylinder, oxygen concentrators, mask and a nursing assistant. These package costs vary between Rs 15,000 and Rs 30,000 per day.
Economic Times

When we talk of health, we talk of the human body – about the organs – about vitamins and proteins – about calories – some even talk about the mind.

How many of us have even bothered about the breath which we take- the cycle of breath – inhalation and exhalation; we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide – a life-sustaining process that we have all been taught about in our childhood.

An average person uses about 550 liters of pure oxygen (19 cubic feet) per day. The body needs oxygen so that our body organs function well. 

I am not here to give a lecture on biology, the point I want to highlight is the existence of oxygen, the source of life, which very few of us recognize.

Ask that patient who went through that life-threatening moment and was put on a ventilator to provide supply of artificial oxygen. That oxygen was very expensive, and most of us would do anything to get it in times when our life is hanging off the cliff.

Just think of all the oxygen which we have for free. Days, months, years go by, without us even noticing it. From where does it come from?

We all know that as well!! Trees, Plants – the photosynthesis process in leaves create that oxygen. As per research – 20% of the world’s oxygen is produced in the Amazon forests.

Yet, we are so negligent about trees, about 1.5 acres of forest is cut down every second.

Why? For our needs and greeds –

  • To have wood for various purposes
  • To build our homes, cater to rapid urbanization
  • To create farmlands not only for growing food for humans but also to create food for animals which humans eventually consume

While most of it is needed but is everything needed? We need to question ourselves.

Can we have things in balance? Can we reduce our growing desires of having everything? Can we stop hoarding and start living?

We still have a few trees and forests to take care of us in the near future. If we continue deforestation at such a massive scale, we might not have any left in a few year’s time.

We need to recognize that trees and oxygen are essential for human civilization or our children will be on ventilators forever…

trees and oxygen

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