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The Indian Environmentalist who deserve awards

Two Indian environmentalists, a 72-year-old tribal known as the ‘Encyclopedia of Forest’ and a 65-year-old farmer who has planted lakhs of plants in desert areas of Rajasthan, were conferred...

2021 Nobel Prize in Physics goes to Climate Change

This year Nobel Prize committee had a thing for climate, probably because of the IPCC report which came in August predicted “a code red for humanity” or due to global climate conference being held...

ChangeBlazers – Anil Joshi – Great things happen when Man and Mountain meet

Anil Joshi Emerges As A New Sensation Anil Joshi was in the news when the trailer of the game reality show Kaun Banega Crorepati was released. Now, after the broadcast of the KBC episode, where Dr. Anil Joshi...

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