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Green Tips For College Students

Going green initiatives have taken the sustainable world by storm, from film stars to sports stars, everyone seems to be catching the bandwagon.

It is a no-brainer that with detrimental human activities, the environment is deteriorating rapidly. Further, with deforestation, global warming, food shortage, and pollution, the environmental crisis has reached its peak over the years. Therefore, to protect Mother Earth from further detrimental clutches of climate change and its consequences, going green or implementing a few environment-conscious measures can provide numerous benefits in the long run.

The term ‘Going green’ refers to the decisions taken by individuals to preserve the environment’s health. These initiatives usually include a learning mindset, contributing, and practicing methods to conserve Earth’s natural resources. 

While celebrities might be hogging the limelight in terms of going green but the real champions of environmental conservation are youngsters. Youth are considered the pioneers of leading a global revolution toward protecting the planet. 

However, amidst busy schedules, it cannot always be easy to partake in grand initiatives and participate in different programs. We have listed a few easy green tips prepared exclusively for college students. 

Go Digital

With the advent of digitization, you can switch to taking digital notes. Changing to taking notes electronically can prevent wasting paper and help save time and money. You can also start paying your bills online to avoid paper waste further.

Watch you Diet

Take-outs and cheap meal options are the common lookouts for college students, but did you know reducing meat consumption even just for a single day in a week, can help influence a positive change?

Whenever you can always carry a plant-based tiffin from your home, if that doesn’t work many cities in the world have restaurants that have added plant-based meat food options. The plant-based meat is made to look, taste, smell, feel, and appear like meat.

Say No to Plastic 

Plastic bags are one of the most potent factors for pollution. Keep a reusable bag in your school backpack which you can use when you shop. If you help your parents by doing grocery shopping always carry a cloth bag instead of taking plastic or paper bags provided by the vendor. 

While drinking water is essential for your body, doing so by purchasing a single-use plastic bottle is detrimental to the environment. As a student, you can make a one-time purchase of a metal or a glass bottle and take it to your class.

Switch Off

One of the easiest green tips for any college student is to switch off electronic appliances, heating systems, or lights when not in the room. If you are the last person leaving your classroom, library, or home, always ensure to tap that off button. In addition, it is always preferable to keep the rooms ventilated so that you can leverage natural sunlight while studying. 

You can also encourage your parents to make a transition to energy-efficient appliances that will help them save on energy expenses and contribute to the planet. 

Chose Sustainable Fashion

Upcycling of Clothes

As a college student, it is always a wish to look smart and trendy. However, we also know fashion and clothing are one of the biggest contributors to environmental pollution. It is a big conundrum for youngsters.

Therefore a great way to protect the environment from the nefarious clutches of fashion-related global warming without compromising on your fashion statement is by opting for second-hand clothes, environment-friendly fashion accessories, and avoiding environment-damaging fabrics.

You can read many other green tips to make the right fashion choice.

Go for Sustainable Mobility

Bicycling is not only environmentally friendly but is great for your health and well-being. For your short-distance travel, it is always better to choose eco-friendly transportation facilities like bicycles, hybrid vehicles, or micro-mobility options.

If you stay far away from your college or school, instead of your own vehicle opt for public transport like bus, metro, or trams, which will greatly help in reducing pollution.

Read more about the importance of bicycling, here.

Celebrate Occasions with Green gestures

If you are celebrating an occasion like your birthday, try to make a small contribution to the environment by planting a tree or a plant in a neighborhood park. Every year you can see that plant grow and eventually become a big tree.

Power of Social Media

In today’s times, social media plays a vital role. You can rope in social media to share your journey and actions and educate others on the importance of following environmental-friendly measures or going green. 

Wrapping Up

If you wonder how small differences like using second-hand clothes or opting for metal bottles can make for Mother Nature, then you can be assured that these small changes go a long way. Creating these small differences can inspire other people to follow your lead as well. 

If you have any other green tips which you practice, mention them in the comment. 

We have made a video on a few other ideas to live sustainably. Watch and Share it with your friends.


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